Look Who's Home!

Yesterday was stressful for a number of reasons.

The decision to come home or not played into that a lot.

So many behind-the-scenes conversations and emotions, but the final decision was made today…

And she’s home!

We have her home until Tuesday. Although, Tuesday will be a LONG clinic day.

She’ll be re-admitted on Wednesday when they’ll take out the PICC line in her arm and put the Central Line back in her chest.

This is, of course, all dependent on her NGS results from her biopsy.

Preliminary results are all showing negative, but this is the test that digs deeper.

We need her to be MRD negative.

If everything goes as planned and we stick to our current schedule, her Conditioning Chemo will start on Thursday.

Her transplant will take place on October 14th,

4 days before her 1st birthday!

This weekend we’re going to soak in every minute with her and big sis.

Please keep praying for NEGATIVE results and that we’re able to move forward with no delays.

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