Making the Best of the Situation

Still in-patient. Still unsure what’s causing her low blood sugar.

She’s pretty much over the finger pricks. You can see the little bandages on several of her fingers.

They’re still leaning towards one of her chemo meds, but also have more things to rule out. So, we’re still here.

Mom pulled out some of the things she had ready for their long BMT stay to give Avery room to play.

Hopefully we’re not here until transplant. We love our nurses and care team but would like to spend as much time with Big Sis as we can before the long stay.

Avery did have her EKG and Echo done today though.

It was scheduled for yesterday but with everything else going on, it was rescheduled.

She also has a nephrology appointment for tomorrow.

These are all pre-BMT appointments, so hopefully we can remain on schedule for her transplant.

For now, we’re just passing the time and making our rounds seeing our nurse friends.



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