baby sleeping comfortable in hospital bed

Avery did so well yesterday post-LP! She didn’t seem to be in any pain from the procedure, slept well, and had a good appetite.

  • WBC: 1.6
  • Hgb: 8.3
  • Platelets: 95
  • ANC: 0.01
  • Blasts: ZERO

The Doctors are expecting the LP results today and will let us know as soon as they hear something.

We’re still trying to get Avery to gain weight. She is nursing during the day and taking fortified formula at night.

They’ve added a couple more calories to each feeding and we hope it helps her gain quicker.

A side effect of the chemo is weight loss, so, naturally we’re trying to counteract that.

Fortunately, babies don’t really know nausea, so her appetite hasn’t decreased much.

Otherwise, she’s still sleeping well through the night and either smiles at her care team or gives them a side-eye. Those are her two moods towards them for now.

Her anesthesiologist yesterday said the side-eye meant she knew a stranger when she saw one and was very smart. We agree.

Keep praying for no infections, good results from the LP, and REMISSION!!

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