National Superhero Day 2021

Look! Up in the sky! It’s SUPER AVI!

Did you know today is

National Superhero Day

I can’t think of anyone mightier to honor today besides our sweet Avery.

At only 6 months old, she’s beaten Leukemia… and is going to do it AGAIN!

Most days, she even does it with a BIG SMILE.

National Superhero Day

Thank you to Children’s Health for the fun Red Balloon League superhero cape to really show off her superhero powers today.

Her best super power?

Even though she may not have her cape on every day, she lights up a room and has ridiculous cuteness powers that can cheer up all of her nurses.

Not to mention, her cuddles can instantly melt your heart.

Here’s to forever… @ourhappilyeveravery

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