We Have a New Chemo Plan

Chemo starts again tomorrow.

Y’all. This sweet baby.

She is going on about her day today as if nothing is out of the ordinary for her. How I wish we had the resilience of babies.

She keeps us going every day.

Now for today’s update:

They took the collection lines out today (they’re the red and blue ones you see coming off to the right) and she had an ECHO to get a baseline on her heart.

She’ll get a lumbar puncture in the morning and then start her new chemo plan tomorrow afternoon.

The Doctors have decided since she went into remission with the medications used during Induction, we’re going to use the same regimen, with a new drug added to the mix.

She’ll be on a 35 day, 5 weeks regimen; mostly inpatient.

She may get to come home a day or two here and there based on her ANC, but will primarily be at the hospital for the duration.

Lumbar punctures are scheduled for Day 1 and Day 15.

Bone marrow biopsy will be (most likely) the week after she finishes chemo.

Then she’ll have a 4-day small dose chemo before the T-Cell infusion.

So, tomorrow will be a big day as she starts the strong meds again.

Pray she handles everything well. We continue to see no infections or adverse reactions. And, as always, pray for our anxious hearts.

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