There’s No AML Cells + World Blood Cancer Day

What a day! Look at her smile.

She’s just as excited as we are about this week’s biopsy results.

In case you missed our initial announcement (on Facebook):

They found no AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) cells and about 11% ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia).

There’s no aml!

So many tears of joy this morning from us and Avery’s medical team.

This means:

  • her cancer didn’t switch or mutate
  • she’s still eligible for CAR-T (once we get her down to below 5% in bone marrow)
  • bone marrow transplant is still an unknown possibility at this point

We’ve had a bumpy ride this week both in and out of the hospital, but we made it.

And today was definitely a FriYAY!

We can’t say thank you enough for each and every one of you for holding us up in prayer, thoughts, donations, and words of encouragement.

Mostly, thank you for continuing to love and support for #oureveravery

World Blood Cancer Awareness Graphic

World Blood Cancer Day


Today, May 28th, is #WorldBloodCancerDay, and the “&” is used to show solidarity with patients suffering from blood cancer.

Every 45 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with a blood cancer, like lymphoma or leukemia.

As you can tell with Avery’s story, blood cancer doesn’t discriminate.

She was diagnosed before the age of 2 months.

Her great grandmother, my mom, was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 54.

One way you can get involved is by signing up to be a donor!

Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplants are potential life-saving ways YOU can be someone else’s CURE.

You can easily click this link or simply text everavery to 61474

Help us bring awareness by sharing with others.

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