Happily Ever Avery

Avery’s nurse this morning printed out her numbers so Mom and Dad could have a better understanding of the numbers they watch.

No platelets today as long as they stay above 30. They’re currently at 39.

  • Hemoglobin: 9
  • WBC: 30.4

No big changes happening this weekend.

They have been instructed to check/change Avery every 2 hours if she shows any signs of wetness.

Plus, they have to lather her with diaper cream.

The team wants to avoid any chance of infection, as well as protect her skin from any sensitivities as the medicines begin working their way through her body.

She hasn’t had any O2 since yesterday so they hope to be able to take the “cheek pads” off today. They had only left them on in case she needed more O2 but her numbers remain strong.

Avery has remained her cheerful self.

The target date for starting the strong meds is currently set for Christmas Day. That may change, but it’s what is on her calendar for now.

I believe Dad is going to come home today to gather a few more things and spend time with Big Sister.

We don’t expect much news today, but I’ll let y’all know if I hear anything else.

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