No Chemo This Week

Avery had her weekly clinic today, but her CBC labs didn’t qualify her for chemo today.

But, (1) it’s to be expected and (2) it’s kind of a good deal.

It’s to be expected because she is still actively undergoing chemo and hasn’t been given any platelets in a few weeks.

So, her platelets being at 18 today wasn’t a real surprise, but did mean we had to pause chemo this week. (Her platelets have to be over 30 to keep going).

Her Oncologist said we’ll give them a week to come back up on their own and start again next week.

How is it good? This was Avery’s last week in Dallas!

We’ve had to adjust her therapy calendar to make the transition to Plano (their clinic days are different because it’s the same GREAT doctor who does both), thus closer to home.

Therefore, the pause in therapy gives Avery a better transition flow into her next chemo and scheduled LP. We’re not restricted by her daily doses since she won’t have any this week.

Even better news? Her ANC is 948‼️ Over 1000 gets her out of the neutropenia status. This means her immune system is fighting its way back.

Also, she gained 12 oz and grew 1 inch this week (which pulls her up to 8% in height).

We’re all pretty excited about the news… and the break.

After finding a new apartment, packing quickly, and moving in the freezing cold, we’re ready for a break.

Avery was so excited when she got home that she couldn’t stop telling Big Sis all about it.

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