No Infection + Feeling Much Better
  • WBC: 1.4
  • Hgb: 10.6
  • Platelets: 128
  • ANC: 360

First, Avery’s CBC panel above still looks good. She will most likely need platelets this weekend, and we’re sure her ANC will continue to fall.

Both are expected byproducts of the chemo she had last week.

Next, she is feeling MUCH BETTER! The fluids, antibiotics, pain meds and much needed sleep have all helped get her well again.

In fact, as you can see from the video Mom postedshe ROLLED OVER TODAY!

(Her hospital room door was revolving yesterday with lots of Drs, specialists, therapists, etc… so this may be a long one)

The Physical Therapist came in and said that developmentally, Avery is right on track. Well, except in speech; there’s she advanced for her age. No surprise in our family.

But, she will have scheduled PT 3x a week and OT 2x a week to help her stay on track with hitting her milestones. No need for Speech Therapy at this time.

She also started Music Therapy yesterday (which Avery loved) and, through FaceTime, Big Sis was also able to join in (which she also enjoyed).

The nutritionist is pleased with how she’s eating now and wants to add at least one solid food each day. A new one every 3 days. Plus, chicken.

She lost 10 oz over the weekend, but has been steadily gaining it back since she got to Dallas.

She has also been off all BP meds! Her blood pressure has been pretty steady in recent days, so they have stopped them for now. She was taking two, so this is a big deal for her daily medicine regimen.

Now. That infection? We’re really beginning to believe she may have never had one.

Her cultures the past 2 days have come back negative. No signs of infection.

Plus, the nurses in Dallas realized yesterday that her PICC line wasn’t letting them draw blood.

PICC line adjustment

After a chest x-ray, they found that it had been pulled out of place.

You may recall, Mom had a lot of concerns with the way the blood draw happened in the ER Sunday night. It’s all starting to point back to that point.

Anyways, Avery was scheduled to have it fixed this morning, but they couldn’t get her in early enough (she can’t eat for 8 hours prior due to anesthesia), so they let her eat and pushed it until tomorrow morning.

A few more updates:

  • the social worker has applied for them to stay at the Ronald McDonald House since it’s now accepting SIBLINGS! We won’t know anything until next week
  • we’re trying to put together a plan to bring Big Sis to Dallas this weekend for a short stay with Mom & Dad until then
  • Avery’s bone marrow will be tested this week to prepare for the possibility of transplant
  • Big Sis will have blood drawn next week to test for a match
  • no news from the insurance company yet

Okay, that may be most of it. Again, we’re trying to stay as transparent about our journey as possible to educate and inform.

Please consider joining the bone marrow registry at Be The Match if you want to be a possible match for Avery’s bone marrow transplant.

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