No Side Effects from Chemo… yet

Seriously. The happiest baby.

As long as we keep her fed (she loves to eat), she stays happy.

She started her second chemo medicine (Mitoxantrone) at 5am, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting her mood.

No side effects yet. We’re hoping she continues to feel well and keeps on smiling.

She’ll finish medicine one (cytarabine) tomorrow and have two more days of medicine two, then done with this round.

Her ANC is over 1800 (1000+ is great) today!

We even took her for a walk around the floor to say hi to all her nurse friends since her ANC was good.

We expect her numbers to start dropping after she finishes this round.

It’s all a waiting game.

In this moment, we’re simply celebrating the fact that she still feels well enough to keep being her happy self.

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