infant with red bow in her hair sitting in front of rain splashed hospital window

Look at her! She’s just living her best (hospital) life each day.

She’s now off fluids because she has been eating so well.

She’s played all day with Mom & Dad.

PT came in today and said she is still doing perfect as far as reaching her milestones.

She just needs to continue working on her core and legs.

Mom asked about that fun little “head tuck” maneuver Avery started doing this weekend and they said they weren’t sure.

Actually, after watching the video of it, they believe she may be trying to dance.

As much as she loves music, we can definitely see that being true.

Otherwise, staying on “baby brand” with eating well, she’s also pooping and sleeping well.

In fact, she slept for 9 HOURS straight last night!!

Tomorrow is another non-chemo day before we start back up again on Thursday for her last round of chemo this phase.

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