Officially Started Round 3

Long day of waiting

It’s been a long day at the hospital today, lots of waiting, but the chemo meds officially started at 6:45pm.

Why the wait?

First, they had to wait 6 hours past the time her IV fluids began.

Because of how strong the chemo is, they had to test her urine with each diaper change to check for fluid levels in her little body.

The medication can cause sores both in the diaper area and mouth.

Ideally, Avery would have a catheter, but they couldn’t get it in today, so diapers will have to be changed as soon as she wets them.

Therefore, they have to collect urine through cotton balls in the diaper. It’s a process, but nothing we haven’t done before.

Next week a urologist will be on hand to place the foley.

Now, we wait as the chemo drips over the next 24 hours. They’ll watch for any side effects and Avery can be discharged once they begin to see the medicine leaving her body.

So, lots of fluids and diaper changes over the next 48 hours as we push for discharge by the weekend.

Finally, ALWAYS praying for no infections!

To summarize, our specific prayer requests:

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