One-Day Pass for Me

Quiet Day

Sorry for the late update. It’s been a relatively quiet day, which in the world of cancer, that’s a good thing.

Avery had her procedure this morning to fix her PICC line. They decided to go with fresh new lines after correcting the placement.

Afterwards, Avery has been pretty content and sleepy due to the anesthesia.

infant sitting up in hospital gown

OH! And look at these pics! She’s trying hard to sit on her own now too.

Fun news! The hospital gave me a one-day pass to come up so Mom & Dad could spend the day with Big Sis.

I get to hold my sweet baby and they get to spend quality time with their precious toddler.

Since Avery’s mostly been sleeping, it was a good day to switch.

They’ll be back with Avery tonight, so they’re having as much fun as they can right now with Big Sis.

infant laying down and laughing in hospital gown

Hopefully, the weekend is just as quiet and easy.

Things will be busier next week as Mom & Dad start meeting with the CAR T team to formulate the next steps.

Plus, Big Sis gets tested to see if she will be a match!

Please consider joining the bone marrow registry at Be The Match if you want to be a possible match for Avery’s bone marrow transplant.

Just click here or simply text everavery to 61474

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