First Day of Chemo

December 16, 2020.

The day our world changed forever.

The night before we had been celebrating a birthday.

Papa came in carrying a cake in one hand and Avery in the other, all the while singing happy birthday.”

We had no idea how our lives would change just 24 hours later.

January 2021 induction

The ear-shattering screams, relentless tears, sleepless nights, and barrage of information over the next few days.

We’ve settled into the childhood cancer community, but only because of Avery.

We’ve watched her endure harsh side effects from the treatments meant to give her the best chance at life.

We see her continue to smile in the face of adversity and months upon months of hospital life.

We’ve seen her dancing through CRS, neurotoxicity, and even 8 days on a ventilator.

BMT DAY +48 | ICU DAY 11

Nothing can keep her down; quite literally we’ve learned with sedatives.

The fight in her has taught us the true meaning of both resilience and hope.

Because of Avery, we’re able to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going.

“You are worth beyond a thousand reasons why…there’s nobody in the world like you.”

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