Good news praise small victories
  • WBC: 1.2
  • Hgb: 7.5
  • Platelets: 48
  • Uric acid: 4.1
  • Potassium: 4.6
  • Phosphorus: 5.4
  • ANC: 0.30
  • Blasts: ZERO

ZERO, Y’all! Blasts are the immature blood cells that are fast-growing and take over the bone marrow. They are the leukemia cells.

Today, 12 days after starting therapy, 5 days after starting chemo, the leukemia cells are leaving! The prayer now is that they stay gone.

She did start another new chemo med yesterday. They watched her for any allergic reaction, but so far none.

They also gave her a medicine to help push down the potassium numbers. It basically makes her urine increase to flush out the toxins.

Her numbers are well enough today that she doesn’t need blood or platelets.

She hasn’t needed Tylenol for pain since 8pm yesterday and slept well all night. Plus, her eating has improved and she’s been in a great mood.

So, numbers wise, TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

The team is encouraged by the current trend and Mom & Dad are too. Speaking of, last night was the first night Mom & Dad had to split up at the hospital.

Dad stayed with Avery and Mom stayed at the hotel with Big Sister.

I’ll be quarantining with them here so (1) Mom feels more comfortable staying alone at night and (2) I can watch Big Sister between their “shift change” and, just in case, they ever both need to be at the hospital.


One more bit of good news today:

No more IV fluids!

Avery is back to eating on her regular schedule now that she’s no longer in pain, so her doctors said she didn’t have to be on an IV anymore!

She’s pretty excited about it too! She can venture to every corner of her room now.

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