Our Hearts are Overwhelmed with Joy!


87 days.

12 weeks and 3 days.

She’s 36 weeks old and has been in the hospital for 19 weeks (17 weeks at home) of her life.

She has spent over half her life at this point in the hospital.

Yesterday when Avery’s Oncologist came in to give us the two results they had received so far, she was pretty confident with what the third result would tell us.

In fact, she was so confident, she told us that we would most likely be discharged TODAY!

Mom and I looked at each other with dropped jaws and tears in our eyes.

We had no idea this was even a possibility!

Apparently, since Avery has aged a bit in the hospital, she is now able to do the rest of her treatment OUTPATIENT!

Oh yeah, that’s the other part: SHE’S GOING STRAIGHT TO CAR-T!

She did it! Her cancer burden is low enough to head straight to CAR-T!

She starts her pre-CART chemo on Tuesday and will get her CAR-T infusion the following Tuesday (7/6).

I cannot fully explain how overwhelmed we are… in the best way!

Other than remission at this point, it’s the very best we could ask for.

All of her nurses were both excited for us, and sad to see Avery go.

They’ve become our second family and we’re going to miss seeing them every day.

But, we are so stinking excited to have our family whole again. To have Avery and Big Sis back together again.

PLUS, today is Avery’s Uncle’s birthday. Mom’s 1st best friend (and only brother). Avery is named after him.

So Happy birthday, Uncle… I’m coming home!
– Avi

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