Out of ICU, Back on BMT Unit

First, the good news:


The nurses greeted her as they rounded the corner and Avery smiled for the first time in days.

It was like coming “home” for her, as well as Mom & Dad.

Everyone’s mood was instantly boosted by simply being back with the nurses that know and love her.

What a difference that has made already.

Out of ICU Back on BMT Unit

The bad news?

The fever still hasn’t broke.

At 2:00am it spiked around 104.5°F. This morning it was hovering just under 102°F.

Today’s goal, beyond breaking the fever, is to simply keep her comfortable.

They’ve now ordered a morphine drip so Mom & Dad can easily click a button to push the morphine as needed for pain.

Her platelets are still too low for Motrin, so they’ll stay on top of timely Tylenol doses. (Low platelets = higher risk of bleeding)

They’ve also started Zofran to help with any nausea she may have from the fever and meds, as well as her refusal/inability to eat.

We’re hoping she gets some relief today. It’s so hard to see her little body continue to fight this hard.

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