infant tummy time on boppy pillow in hospital bed

‘Perfection is a baby’s smile.’

This silly girl is practicing tummy time so she can work on meeting her next development milestonecrawling!

She’s spending her days getting stronger and growing (way too fast).

Today was a fun day with Mom as she prepares for Thursday: procedure day + chemo.

Her LP is scheduled for 8:15am. They’ll administer all three chemo meds in the spine again this week, and then start the other meds in the afternoon.

Pray the nausea and pain from both stay controlled. They typically take their toll on her little body for the first 24-36 hours.

Also, they will start to wean her off the steroids next week.

If you watch her cheeks progress through the daily pictures, you can see the swelling they cause.

Hopefully that will begin to subside in a few weeks as well.

Otherwise, she’s doing well and continuing to thrive.

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