Happily Ever Avery

Okay, we had a busy day shuffling Mom & Dad between the hospital and and hotel to spend time with Big Sis.

We’re on our way home now.

The Oncologist called while Dad was with us, so we listened in.

It was a lot of discussion about each of the 3 medicines that will be used for chemo. Mom and Dad have the papers with the name of each medication and side effects.

Chemotherapy phases

(From my quick notes while listening) The main parts beyond medications is the timeline of each phase of therapy:

  • Induction – 5 weeks – goal: remission (hospital)
  • Consolidation – 6 weeks – sweeps out any leukemia tests can’t detect (clinic)
  • Intra-maintenance – 8 weeks (clinic)
  • Delayed intensification – 8 weeks (in hospital) broken into two (2) 4-wk periods
  • Maintenance – continues 2 yrs from when she started intra-maintenance – to keep leukemia from coming back (at home)

Her first official day of chemo was yesterday.

No definitive results from spinal tap yet when we talked to her.

Avery has responded beautifully with everything so far.

Already on a good path.

Speech, OT and PT will be part of the support team to make sure she continues to meet her developmental milestones.

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