Pray for Pain Management


Avery has only had about 2 oz of formula since 1:30pm.

No diapers since 3:00pm.

Less than 2 hours of sleep since this morning. Every time she tries to sleep, she wakes up coughing with phlegm because she absolutely refuses to swallow due to pain.

The oncologist had Mom bring her to the ER. PaPa went with them. Dad and Big Sis came home with me. (It’s been a really tough week).

The Doctor has already decided to admit her. She will get IV fluids and they’ll try a pain medicine that worked during her first round.

If it doesn’t provide enough relief for her to rest and eat, they will try morphine.

PLEASE PRAY for our sweet girl.

Specific prayer requests:

  • she can eat orally and not have to get a feeding tube
  • she begins to have wet diapers (also necessary to flush the chemo meds out of her little body)
  • she can sleep

We give you details so you can know exactly how to intercede on her behalf.

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