Pre-CAR-T Chemo Starts Tomorrow

First, Avery is doing great at home! We were a little worried about how she would adjust, but she’s having no problems at all.

Because, of course she is!

Second, she begins her pre-CAR-T chemo tomorrow.

It will be done at the clinic each day through Friday.

This means she’ll only spend a few hours at the hospital and then come back home (barring any adverse side effects).

What is pre-CAR-T therapy?

CAR-T therapy helps to suppress the immune system slightly so it doesn’t react to the incoming CAR-T cells.

Plus, it creates space for the infused reprogrammed CAR T-cells to grow and multiply.

Then, next Tuesday (7/6), she will be get her CAR T-cells infused. These are the 7 million cells they pulled from her on April 20.

The hope is that her newly reprogrammed CAR T-cells begin to multiply and attack the leukemia cells.

They will do a bone marrow biopsy at 28 days post-infusion, another at 3 mos, and then one more at 6 months.

We’re praying this works and puts Avery into REMISSION.

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