Preparing for her Bridging Chemo Schedule

This sun-kissed baby is just the cutest!

Avery had clinic again today.

First, she had to get her second set RSV shots today. We have to take every precaution to keep her well.

Second, her Oncologist laid out what we should (tentatively) expect over the next 6 weeks.


Daily oral medicine that triggers a “death switch” the cancer cells (we are awaiting FDA approval for Avery to get this drug) plus the following weekly meds:

  • Week 1: Vincristine + Dexamethasone (steroid)
  • Week 2: PEG (Pegaspargase)
  • Week 3: Vincristine + Dexamethasone (steroid)
  • Week 4: PEG (Pegaspargase)
  • Week 5: Lumbar Puncture + Bone Marrow Biopsy (possible conditioning chemo based on results, aiming for ZERO MRD)
  • Week 6Bone Marrow Transplant (tentative as it’s based on biopsy results; if cancer cells are still present we would repeat the last 4 weeks of chemo and test again)

So, we have one more week without chemo before we dive right back in next Thursday.

Until then, we’re trying to spend as much time with her as a family as we can and simply live in the every day moments.

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