Prepping for Round 3

Both parents are now allowed!

  • WBC: 1.5
  • Hgb: 10.2
  • Platelets: 468
  • ANC: 90

Avery had clinic day today. She still very much enjoys going and seeing her friends at the hospital.

Even more exciting, Mom AND Dad were BOTH able to go to clinic with her today! Yay for vaccines helping to change the narrative at the hospital!

Today was all about lab work. Next week will be the same.

Wednesday, April 7th, Avery will go back for a Bone Marrow Biopsy and Lumbar Puncture.

If she makes counts that week, she’ll be admitted and cleared to start Round 3.

We’ll share more details as that nears. For now, we know it will involve several overnight hospital stays that could last for a few days.

It’s going to be a tougher round than the one she just finished, but still not the hardest phase.

Therefore, we’re going to simply enjoy the next 2 weeks with her as much as we can before the hospital stays start up again.

Family photos next week!

Then we’ll be celebrating her first Easter with as much fan fare as we can!

She’s looking great and we pray she stays that way.

To summarize, our specific prayer requests:

  • no infections
  • no side effects from chemo
  • labs and procedures continue to show no sign of cancer

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