Cycle Day

trying to document this experience so that we can look back and see how far we will have come. recording the sad moments are so hard… today has been a sad one. for the first time avi girl is just not herself… she’s sad and uncomfortable. it’s so hard to watch and be unsuccessful in comforting her. today we took a walk and it was the first time avery left her room for over a week… just so many emotions today.

– mama

They were unsuccessful at the LP again today. Avery just wouldn’t sit still for it; even with some nitrous.

The good thing is they didn’t stick her today. They couldn’t get her comfortable enough to do the procedure.

They won’t try again until the next scheduled one on Day 15. We’re on Day 10.

They hope to come up with a better plan by then. Otherwise today has been about keeping Avery comfortable.

She is beginning to feel some of the pain of the chemo and they are going to try some IV meds to help control the pain… and allow her to sleep.

She’s been awake most of the afternoon unable to stay asleep.

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