not all days are easy

We haven’t received results for chem labs in a few days. So I don’t have those to share still.

So these are the numbers we have today:

  • WBC: 1.2
  • Hgb: 9.0
  • Platelets: 110
  • ANC: 0.09
  • Blasts: ZERO

Avery didn’t sleep well last night. Seems a bit uncomfortable again.

Last Saturday was similar. It appears Thursday’s chemo meds + LP leave her achy and sore.

Nevertheless, she’s had a busy morning. They’ve changed her dressings and line caps, been weighed, fed, and napped.

The team has noted that her weight is still down and not trending up, so they’re going to start her back on IV fluids and start a special formula tonight to help her weight gain.

As of this moment, she’s resting on Mom.

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