Settling Into a New Routine

Mom and Dad are settling into their new apartment with Big Sis… and a new routine with Avery.

Today was Mommy/Avery day! After 48 hours away with the move, Mom was more than excited to get back to her baby.

Avery is still doing well. Her original PICC line area is healing well and looks great!

She’s showed no other signs of infection from the initial redness, and she seems to be adjusting to the new PICC line well.

Although, because it’s under her right arm, we had some trouble with her line becoming occluded/pinched. Mom has found a way to make her Little Sleepies work with the new line, so that’s been a big help.

No more beeping lines.

 working on pulling up and standing

Avi’s still working on her leg strength and doing all the baby things.

Plus, her appetite is well enough that they lowered her IV fluids today. She went from 30 down to 10!

Like I said, she’s just doing her thing and we’re all waiting for her numbers to climb so we can move to the next step!

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