She is Really Trying to Get Moving

Avery is now doing all she can to be more mobile.

She’s always been a “booty scooter” rather than a crawler.

Now she’s trying to either crawl or walk; depends on what best serves her purpose.

It’s fun to see her doingnormal” baby stuff.

We’re now (tentatively) one week out from beginning her bone marrow transplant process.

We still need results from yesterday’s biopsy and lumbar puncture.


We need MRD negative in order to get the best possible outcome from her transplant.

Mom and I met with the Bone Marrow Transplant team today.

In addition to signing consent forms, we learned more about the chemo meds, possible side effects, prophylactic medicines, and lots about the science behind the procedure.

Here’s another fun fact:

The donor’s blood type doesn’t have to match the recipient’s.

Avery will have a new blood type after transplant.

Lastly, there’s been no change in her blood sugar levels. They still go up and down.

We asked the BMT doctor about it delaying transplant and she said they’ve had at least one other patient with this issue and it resolved itself.

So, we’ll watch and see.

Papa and I are with Avery tonight so Mom & Dad can spend time with sister.

Things will progress quickly once we’re clear for transplant, so they’re trying to get as much time with her as possible.

As always, please keep lifting Avery up. She’s been such a strong warrior in a little body over the past ten months.

We hope to see more of that from her over the next several months.

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