She’s Basically Over Everything

She’s getting there.

Avery let us hold her today and that was such a joy to be able to do again.

This morning she didn’t even want anyone near her bed, so this is progress.

She’s basically “over it” today. As of this evening though, you can hold her, but still don’t talk to her.

So we’re seeing a little more personality.

As for the medical side of things, the doctors noted that Avery’s PICC line had shifted a bit during her CT scans earlier this week.

Also, her right hand is still swollen and red (she hasn’t wanted it to be touched this week).

Therefore, they’ll take her to the OR tomorrow morning to adjust the PICC line and see if it’s causing the swollen hand.

Otherwise, they’ll keep watching and assessing to try to figure out why it’s swollen.

No fever today.

Her meds have her backed up and bloated, so we’re trying to help with both of those issues as well.

Overall though, her doctors say her blood work all looks good and everything is trending as expected.

We’ll just keep working towards getting her back to 100% so we can go home!

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