infant in green dress with bees and flowers on it and a yellow bow on her head sitting in hospital crib

“Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.”

—Louise Glück

Can’t wait to get these two back together! At least we can still dress them in the same outfits, even while they’re apart.

toddler in green dress with bees and flowers on it holding a plastic ice cream cone

Avery had another chill day with Mom & Dad for part of the day, and with me (Ma) this evening.

Mom & Dad are celebrating their anniversary and Mother’s Day with Big Sis tonight.

Other than getting good at fighting her sleep when I’m here, she’s doing well.

“Singing” along with her favorite songs, sitting up like a big girl, eating plenty, and just doing her best at kicking cancer’s booty.

To all you moms, Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

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