Chemotherapy phases

That’s right, Avery is back in the hospital today. After a week off, it’s time to get back for her next chemo cycleConsolidation.

  • WBC: 3.7
  • Hgb: 9.1
  • Platelets: 199
  • ANC: 970

This 6-week cycle works to sweep out any Leukemia cells the tests can’t detect.

Since her labs look good today (and she tested negative for COVID), she will get her 1st dose of the new chemo meds this afternoon.

They will then watch her for any side effects over the next 24 hours, and then it’s back home!

This cycle can be done outpatient, which is a great relief.

She’ll have a shot at home 4 days/week and clinic once a week.

Prayer requests this cycle:

  • no infections
  • no adverse reactions

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