Blood counts

Platelets were just below the suggested range, so they gave her some to prepare for tomorrow’s LP.

  • WBC: 1.8
  • Hgb: 8.6
  • Platelets: 29
  • ANC: 0
  • Blasts: ZERO

Speaking of, the Resident Doctor this morning wasn’t sure if they had a plan for the LP.

She suggested asking the Attending Doctor this evening, so we won’t know more until then.

Avery’s BP was good today and weight is holding steady.

They actually want her to gain some weight, so she started 6oz bottles this morning (mom is still nursing through the day too).

She sucked the bottle down quickly and is still eating really well. Hopefully the extra ounces help!

We did confirm the thyroid test they ran yesterday (to check kidney function) was all in normal range. So kidneys seem to be working well.

She slept really well last night; only woke up at 1:30am and 6:30am when the nurse woke her for vitals and to feed/change.

Pray they have a working solution for tomorrow’s LP.

And, as always, pray for no infections as her immune system is completely wiped out.

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