Happily Ever Avery Sweet Smile Says So Much

Another FriYAY!

Her sweet smile tells you so much.

Mom is here playing with Big Sis today while Avery hangs out with Dad at the hospital.

She’s had TWO 2-hour naps, is eating well, and having a good day!

Her next bone marrow biopsy is on the schedule for Thursday, and she is off most of her meds.

Basically, she’s only taking proactive medications: blood pressure, anti-fungal, antibiotic, and antacid.

No chemo meds. We’re now waiting for her numbers to rise.

Her ANC was only 90 and her Hgb 7.1.

As a reminder: ANC under 1000 leaves her more susceptible to infections. 90 is pretty low. (This is also why we’ll continue wearing masks indoors and out).

They like her hemoglobin (Hgb) to remain above 7, so she’ll most likely need a blood transfusion tomorrow.

She was given platelets yesterday before her LP.

Hopefully, with no chemo next week, we’ll begin to see those numbers rise so we can we start the next part of her CAR-T Therapy the following week.

Her biggest risk currently is infection. Pray she stays healthy and her numbers begin the trend upwards.

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