T-Cell Collection Day 2 Done

Scary Situation!

Things started off well enough, but took quite a turn around the third hour.

The summary from Mom:

Avery kept kicking off her blanket and socks so she was getting cold (she’s only in a diaper wrapped in a blanket due to access of all 4 lines being necessary). We put stockings on her arms and legs.

Dad gave her a bottle because she was fussy and it was time to eat, but she refused it after 2 oz.

She was fussing again, so he went to offer her more of the bottle, and when she did she threw up everywhere.

The nurses sat her up to pat her back, and she threw up two more times.

I ran to get her nurse and towels.

Her nurse started Zofran and called the doctor. She and I agreed that Avery looked super pale and her lips were a bit gray.

Her vitals were perfect. Pulse ox 100, BP 90s over 60, 160 HR (heart rate).

The doctor came quickly, but by the time she came in Avery was already feeling better. Color was coming back and vitals stable.

We covered her up and she fell asleep quick.

Less than 5 mins later, she started trying to sit up and throw up more.

We got her to calm down and lie back down.

HR dropped to the 80’s, pulse ox 100, BP ok. Lips gray again.

Took about 10 minutes for her color to come back. All nurses and doctors came. She had chills, but temperature was good.

She is stable now.

Dad ran and warmed up Ellie (her Warmies elephant), and put her next to Avery, then we bundled her up.

They pulled some labs. Thinking her hemoglobin has just dropped since we’re pulling more blood today.

Also looking at her calcium, potassium and others. She is looking normal now and sleeping.

Her calcium levels have been great every hour, so I’m thinking it’s her hemoglobin dropping with how pale she looked and dizzy.

Labs showed high blood sugar, but they said it was not crazy enough to make her go pale or anything.

They believe it might have been nausea, then when she ate, the nausea got a lot worse, making her feel super dizzy and crummy.

By the time the team finished for the day, Avery was resting well and woke up smiling, talking (A LOT), and ready for the evening.

She is SERIOUSLY the strongest baby girl. She had us worried, but seems to have recovered well.

They pulled a lot more T-cells today than yesterday after running the machine at normal speed (they slowed it yesterday) and she’s scheduled for one more draw tomorrow, if needed.

Pray they get all 7 MILLION T-cells they need to we can move onto the next step in therapy.

Also, we’re expecting her biopsy results tomorrow which will determine the medications used for the next phase of her chemotherapy.

Please pray for positive results. Ideally, we’d like to see the numbers down below 25%, even less is better.

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