The Wait Begins… Again

Avery had her bone marrow biopsy first thing this morning.

She did well and now we just wait.

Bone Marrow Biopsy

Her Oncologist put in a rush order, but, unfortunately, some of these results take a few days to come in.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

We did get some GOOD NEWS though: her NGS from her last biopsy was NEGATIVE!

That means all of her results from that biopsy showed negative MRD!

Meaning, CAR-T was the right treatment for Avery. It 100% worked!

But, as is the nature of cancer cells, they can multiple fast as well.

That’s why we’re re-testing once more this week (and putting a rush on every result) so we can confirm her MRD is still negative.

If it shows negative, we will start her conditioning chemo ASAP and get ready for Bone Marrow Transplant.

Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)

Her donor has been selected and we’ve been told collection will likely happen next week!

I cannot tell you how grateful we are for those who donate, or simply register, with Be The Match to be a donor.

You’re literally saving Avery’s life and changing ours!

Thank you!

Please keep Avery in your thoughts and prayers this week as we wait.

We need negative MRD to proceed straight to BMT.

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