infant with IV sitting in blue chair looking out hospital window

“My favorite journey is looking out the window.”

— Edward Gorey

First, this little girl has decided to be a bit of a night owl. She was up until after 11pm last night!

But, she slept well once she decided to sleep.

Up at 5am to eat, then right back to sleep.

Then up for the day at 8:30am.

The rest of the day was quiet and spent hanging out with Mom & Dad.

The best part of the day? Moving rooms!

The hospital requires a move every 4 weeks, which is on Monday, so when we asked about an empty room down the hall, they let us move today.

Most exciting part of the new room? THREE big windows!

The last one only had one small window in the corner. Avery likes this one much better.

Hope you had a great Saturday too!

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