Today was the Mondayest Monday Yet

This smiley girl and I had a great day at the hospital.

Other than a bit of nausea this morning (that Ativan helped), she’s been eating well, playing, napping and playing.

Doctors had nothing new and her bandage from her old PICC site was removed. Plus the new one is looking good.

For Mom & Dad it was the Mondayest Monday.

If you saw our Facebook post this morning, you would have noticed the movers canceled. This left us with no help for the move to Dallas today.

We grabbed a U-haul truck, found a few friends who could help (last minute on a Monday), and they’re currently unloading at the new apartment.


This has been the word of the (past) year.

Thanks to all who shared and reached out with suggestions! We truly appreciate our online community.

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