Too Much Sleep Lands Her in the ER

Avery and Big Sis had their semi-weekly sleepover with Papa and I last night.

Mom’s birthday is Tuesday, so she and dad spent the night at a hotel.

When she called to check in, Avery was in and out, just waking from a nap.

When Mom & Dad arrived to pick them up, I had to tell them that something didn’t seem right with Avery.

Yesterday, she didn’t nap at all and fought her sleep for hours.

This morning, she begrudgingly woke up with sister at 8:30am, took her morning meds, then went back to sleep.

And slept. And slept. And slept.

No bottles. No wet diapers. Just sleeping.


They’re at the ER now. Have been for almost 4 hours.

They’ve been assigned a room on BMT. They’ll at least be there overnight.

Now we’re waiting for the next call with more news.

I’m trying to control my anxiety as we await labs and a CT scan. Please send up thoughts and prayers for our sweet girl.

With her bone marrow transplant nearing, we can’t face many delays. And we need her in “tip top” condition.


They’re finally in their room. Avery is laying in her bed watching her favorite songs. At this point she’s just exhausted. Her favorite PA is on tonight.

The oncology on-call doctor is her CAR-T Dr, so she’s in very good hands with people that know and love her.

Preliminary lab results and CT scans look good, still unsure of the cause of today’s episode.

They’ll keep observing and drawing labs to monitor her overnight. For now, hopefully they can all rest well tonight.

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