Trying so Hard to be Her Happy Self


Caption from Mom with this picture today: “She’s trying so hard to be her happy self.”

Last night was one of the roughest yet. Even after morphine, Avery was still in a bit of pain.

After the morphine kicked in, they were able to get her to drink 2oz, but woke up soon afterwards vomiting. They gave her Zofran for the nausea and she slept for a couple more hours.

Up at 5:30am in a lot of pain. More morphine. Back to sleep for a couple hours before waking up screaming again.

They are trying IV Tylenol this morning.

According to the day nurse, morphine rushes out of the system so they’ll give her the IV Tylenol every 6 hours since it stays in the system longer.

Plus, it’s stronger than oral Tylenol so they will continue to supplement with morphine every 4 hours.

They’ll also be giving her Zofran around the clock every 8 hours to help with the nausea.

She did have a tiny wet diaper this morning. So, a little progress.

First and foremost, KEEP PRAYING they get Avery’s pain under control so she can eat, pee and sleep. All those things babies do.

Additionally, we’re all physically and emotionally exhausted. Please pray for strength as we continue to try to help Avery feel better.

PLEASE PRAY for our sweet girl.

Specific prayer requests:

  • she can eat orally and not have to get a feeding tube
  • she begins to have wet diapers (also necessary to flush the chemo meds out of her little body)
  • she can sleep
  • for strength as we continue to try to help Avery feel better

We give you details so you can know exactly how to intercede on her behalf.

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