Trying to Lower her MRD: Minimal Residual Disease

What a great weekend we had with Avery!

We’re so grateful we didn’t have to wait until today to get her REMISSION result! Last week took a lot out of us physically and emotionally.

But, we did get some good news today

Remember how we mentioned some concerning results last week?

Well, today we got back the second set of results, the far more accurate set, and it shows NO B-CELLS!

There appears to have been a data error (Avery’s CAR-T was very apologetic for the error even though he had no part in it) so this was such a relief to hear!

This means that the T-cells did exactly as they were trained to do and didn’t have to completely exhaust themselves to do it.

What is MRD

Now, this next part… they need to be sure about Avery’s MRDminimal residual diseaseI explain more in the graphics.

Basically, the MRD will tell us what sort of chance she has for relapse AFTER bone marrow transplant.

Our job before BMT will get her MRD as low as possible. She will undergo bridging chemo as well as pre-transplant conditioning chemo.

Minimal Residual Disease

The hope is both help bring her MRD way down in order to give her a greater chance at NOT having a relapse down the road.

So, that’s where we are now. We have another appointment on Thursday with her Oncologist. Her entire care team will meet tomorrow and we should know more about our next steps soon.

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