Urgent request 11_22 update

I cannot fully explain the nightmare we experienced with Avi this morning.

Dad was the only one with her when she stopped breathing. Please keep him lifted as well.

Fortunately a nurse was in the room too because Avery had just finished getting platelets (they stick around during the transfusion in case there are any adverse reactions).

In fact, that is one scenario they are looking at as far as the reason behind what happened.

Another possible reason is a mucus plug that got stuck in her throat, cutting off her oxygen.

She was without oxygen for just under a minute and a half.

Her care team acted so fast and had her bagged quickly.

She never required compressions, but did get put on the ventilator at 100%.

She is currently on both sedation meds and paralytics to keep her sleeping and still.

In true Avery form, she fought them when they tried to sedate her. We really need her poor little body need to rest.

The vent gives her the ability to get rest while it works for her.

We’re all remaining optimistic. The doctors believe it was a “one-off” event, but we won’t know until they run all the tests.

She just had a chest x-ray and the preliminary scans we saw look much better!


We didn’t know what to do other than ask for everyone to lift her up. It’s working. Please don’t stop.

The next 24-72 hours are crucial.

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