We Have our Happy, Sweet Baby Back!

Y’all! This is from TODAY!!

If you follow us on Instagram (@ourhappilyeveravery), you may have seen her smiling at her songs late last night.

Papa and I gave Mom & Dad the night off and got to the hospital around 3pm yesterday.

Avery had a dose of Ativan right after we arrived, but we didn’t request anymore the rest of the evening.

Mostly because Avery slept most of the evening.

The smile we caught was around 10:30pm. We didn’t care that she was awake. She was smiling and watching her favorite Super Simple Songs.

This morning, we noticed she wasn’t crying. She let the nurses talk to her and give her meds.

Plus, she was making eye contact with us.

She took a morning nap after drinking SIX ounces (she’s barely drank 2-3oz this stay), and when she woke up… SHE SAT UP AND SMILED AT ME!!

She was smiling and I was crying!

I have never been more thrilled to see her sweet smile.

The Doctors came in soon after and said:

  • they’re taking her off fluids today
  • once the neurotoxicity is gone; it’s gone
  • Avery can go home tomorrow

It’s like every issue she had just disappeared with that last nap.

Mom & Dad said she’s still been smiling, laughing, and playing all day!

We have our happy, sweet baby back!!

THANK YOU all, again, for your support over the past two weeks. Y’all carried us through the toughest times and we are ever so grateful.

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