Welcome home, Baby Avery!

After a quick overnight hospital stay, Avery is home. Like… HOME, HOME!

We were able to get the rest of her treatments moved closer to home.

We don’t have specific lab results since we were focused on leaving this morning, but we know they were well enough for her to leave.

So far, she’s excited about being home. She’s been looking around and taking everything in.

Getting re-acquainted with her toys and environment.

It’s been such a joy to see her happy and enjoying a bit of normalcy.

She will get 4 shots of chemo throughout the week at home and in-clinic chemo once a week.

Biggest prayer request:

  • no infections (we constantly have to monitor for fever and other signs of infection)

This is also where the funds we raise will start to really be put to use (hospital bills, co-pays, deductibles, formula, etc), please find ways to help from home below!

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