We’re on the Move Again

Guess who’s on the move again?

Yep. We just moved last weekend, but we’re offered a larger room in another room wing, so we took it.

Mom came to the hospital so she and I could look at three rooms.

We then chose our favorite, packed the room, moved and unpacked… all in one hour! (Papa is here to help too).

Yep. We’re pros at this now.

So, in addition to two walks around the floor (because it’s empty and we wanted to get out of the room), we’ve also moved to a new room.

It seemed like a good time as we continue to wait for Avery’s numbers to rise, which should hopefully be in the next week or two.

Once we start CAR-T, we will most likely be moved back to the Transplant Unit (where we just moved out of last week).

At least the changing scenery keeps us on our toes.

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