you changed my life

It may be anti-climatic to some. It’s a simple IV drip.

But, the symbolism of what this could mean for our sweet girl is immeasurable.

Again, thank you first and foremost to her donor. I can’t express our gratitude enough.

You’ve been on my mind for days.

Second, thank you to every single one of you who have been here with us all day waiting.

For the texts, messages, comments, shares, and gifts. Y’all have truly been a godsend today.

Once the transplant is done, we’re told we will have a few days before we begin to see any changes.

It’s those side effects that are still to come that we will need the most prayers for.

There are so many high risks that come with a bone marrow transplant, but, we’ll cross those bridges when, and if, they arise.


Today we’re celebrating Avery’s rebirth.

Thanking her donor across the country.

Her care team at Children’s Health

And celebrating her new chance at life… cancer free!

Click here to watch our Video Reel of the bone marrow transplant!

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