BMT DAY +161

Avery’s new priority? Trying to crawl!

She’s getting pretty good at her little booty scoot across the floor, but we can see her trying to get into a crawling position now too.

BMT DAY +161

She can get pretty much anywhere she wants by using her hands and feet to lift and pivot her bottom.

But, it does take a bit of time to get around this way.

We can see the wheels turning as she’s working out in her little head, but she’s not there just yet.

But she’s definitely getting there!

She still has to work on building some leg strength so she can walk, but this is a great milestone for her!

BMT DAY +161

Not to mention, if you saw our Stories, you would have seen her eating Cheerios this morning!

Her pincer grasp is getting better and she finally discovered how to get the food to her mouth.

This is a milestone she had not hit even prior to BMT, so another big one for her!

Oh yeah, and she’s doing SO MUCH better today!

BMT DAY +161

We went back to round the clock scheduled Ativan and that seems to have done the trick.

It’s pretty much always been an “old faithful” for her and still seems to work that way for her.

She’s been in a much better mood and no more nausea/vomiting.

And her mood has improved.

Basically, all good news today!

BMT DAY +161

Thank you all so much for lifting her up yesterday. It’s working!

Keep going, Avi!

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