BMT DAY 0 We can do hard things

Since her transplant was at 11:19pm last night, the doctors have officially declared today


I’m not sure how to properly convey my feelings about Avery’s bone marrow transplant.

“A lot” barely touches the surface.

To begin with, I absolutely can’t stop crying any time I think of her donor.

A young man somewhere in the North East made an incredibly selfless decision to simply say, “YES.”

He not only took the step to join the National Registry, but he said, “Yes,” when he received the call, “Yes,” when the day arrived, and “Yes,” when it was time to start the donation process.

NOTE (via Be The Match):

doctors use special, hollow needles to withdraw liquid marrow (where blood-forming cells are made) from both sides of the back of the pelvic bone.

We can never properly express our gratitude for his gift of life.

she is strong

Avery has been fighting for ten months (exactly tomorrow).

She has been a valiant warrior throughout her first year of life.

(Her first birthday is on the 18th)

She’s taught us to see life through a different lens.

To never take small wins for granted.


Her fight, determination, and ability to endure things no baby, child, or person ever should, inspires us every day.

Her bone marrow transplant gives her a chance at a cancer-free life.

Hopefully a LONG, fulfilling one.

Please continue to keep Avery in your thoughts and prayers in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

She still has a long climb ahead of her, but this small bag of marrow gives her a BIG chance at life.


You can easily click here: or simply text everavery to 61474

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