Avery is on day 3 of the fever.

The viral respiratory panel all came back negative.

There were no bacteria infections found.

Yesterday, a FB follower here suggested a fungal infection.

If you know Mom, she began researching every aspect of fungal infections.

A full fungal work up requires a CT scan and other more invasive tests.

Mom read that yeast infections are included in this category, so she checked during the next diaper change.

Although she didn’t find evidence of a yeast infection, she did find an open wound that could be the source of a bacterial staph infection.

Her chemo sensitive skin + harsh chemicals exiting her body + low platelets + watery stools could all be culprits in causing a sore.

Wound Care came by to take a look and prepare a treatment plan.

The Dr and NP decided to start a high-dose antibiotic this afternoon as they wait for the cultures to grow.

At last check, she was still fever free and, now on the nose cannula instead of blow by, her O2 was steady at 100.

BMT DAY +36 sleeping with the stick

It’s a delicate balance of finding a way to advocate for your non-communicative baby and asking her care team to take your concerns seriously.

Fortunately, we have a great team and Mom has an attentive eye for detail.

We’re hoping this is the cause of the fever and the antibiotics can do their work.

We’d really like to see our girl feeling better again.

A chest x-ray still showed clear lungs and the respiratory team says all of the congestion is still in her throat.

She spent much of the day in this high chair; it was the easiest way for her to recline, play, and breathe easier.

She’s doing her best to rest and push through it all; with her stick always in hand.

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