i’m avery and i’m so grateful you’re here!

On Wednesday, December 16, we received devastating news. Our sweet baby was diagnosed with Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Cancer. At 2 months. This is her healing journey.

Life at Home

Avery spent most of the first year of her life in the hospital. After bone marrow transplant, she was discharged and is currently home. She is cancer-free and doing her best to adjust to what life should be for a toddler. These Instagram posts represent those days at home.

1️⃣But who’s counting! 5️⃣

I know I often mention Avery’s list of  new words (which, by the way, keeps growing every day), but can we talk about her number recognition!

Yesterday we were just hanging out tossing bean bags into this game when Avery decided to change it up.

Of course I noticed her putting the bean bags on a row. This has been her MO since forever.

It was only on a second look that I noticed she not only had them in line, but she had them I order—frontwards and backwards!😭

So, of course I mixed them up to see if she would do it again.

And she did! Several more times!

Y’all! My heart grew 5 times its size with the amount of joy I felt watching her understand this “simple” concept. 🥰

Considering her developmental delays after her transplant, this is such a huge one for her to meet!

And as we always say, “We celebrate every win—big or small!” 🎉

Keep going, Avi!

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Just like bubbles floating in the air, life has its ups and downs; moments of lightness and sudden pops.🫧

Each bubble represents a challenge faced and overcome.

Well, mostly overcome anyways.

But the PTSD left behind isn’t as easy to escape.

We’ll always be grateful that Avery was too young to understand most of what she went through.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we often feel like we’re still in recovery mode.

And just like Beryl in the Gulf, that trauma can leave behind a path of destruction that could take years to clean up.

All that to say that I may not post as often as I used to, but it’s because we’re still trying to do hard things here at home.

We’re still working through the aftermath of what was Avery’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, and after-care.

From relationships to money to our mental health, it’s been quite a journey.

I appreciate those that check in with us every once in a while. We see you even if we don’t respond.

That’s good ol’ anxiety for ya. 🫣

Fortunately, Avery is doing amazing!

She picks up more and more words every day, and we’re starting to notice her trying to get out syllables rather than just strings of sounds.

She looks us in the face and mouths things she expects us to say.🥰

She’s so very smart and learning more each day.

Despite all the 🫧 bursts along the way, Avery’s joy and spirit remain unbroken.

She and Riley are the ones that keep us going some days—both physically and mentally.

Sometimes when I’m quiet here, there’s quite a bit happening on our side of the screen (beyond Avery & Ry). 

It just might take me a day or two to hop on and catch up.😉

Thanks to each of you for being here. 

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Fresh air, messy bun, don’t care. 👱🏼‍♀️

With this Texas heat, we have to find ways to stay cool when we want to step outside for a bit.

This little pool under the cover of the patio can be just the thing we need. 🏊🏼‍♀️ 

It takes Avery a little while to get used to the water, and once she does, she stays put.

But, she’s come a long way after not being able to be submerged in water for the first year of her life! (PICC line)

Hope y’all are staying cool! (And safe for those in the path of Beryl!)

#thrivingnotsurviving #cancerthriver #bonemarrowtransplant #childhoodcancer #infantileleukemia #babiesgetcancertoo #leukemiawarrior #leukemiasucks #beatingcancer #posttransplantlife #cancersurvivor #cancercrushers #cancerawareness #survivorstories #survivorjourney #cancerwarrior #cancerfree #beatcancerlikeaboss #cancersurvivors #poolvibes
🎗️National Cancer Survivor Month🎗️

From a tiny warrior diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at just 7 weeks old to a vibrant 3-year-old full of laughter and light, Avery’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. 

Together with Avery, we have faced fear, sadness, and anger, but it’s her JOY that shines through with every challenge she’s faced.

We want to continue to honor Avery’s incredible resilience and spread hope, not only for survivors, but for those still fighting. 💛

Thank you for continuing to follow her journey.

As many of you have come to realize, “cancer” doesn’t end when treatment is over.

Avery still has residual effects from her therapies, yet she remains one of the strongest people I know.💪

May her joy forever shine through. 

#thrivingnotsurviving #cancerthriver #bonemarrowtransplant #childhoodcancer #infantileleukemia #babiesgetcancertoo #leukemiawarrior #leukemiasucks #beatingcancer #posttransplantlife #cancersurvivor #cancercrushers #cancerawareness #survivorstories #survivorjourney #cancerwarrior #cancerfree #beatcancerlikeaboss #cancersurvivors

Childhood Cancer Resources

There is help available!

Whether your child has been diagnosed with cancer, or you’re simply looking for ways to educate yourself and get involved.

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Bone Marrow Transplant


How did you know something was wrong? Mom noticed a swollen lymph node just under Avery’s right ear. Two days later, she noticed another one. She also noted that Avery wasn’t eating as well as normal. That was the beginning of a long journey.

Helpful Terms

It’s okay, we’re learning together!

We all know that navigating cancer comes with a learning curve. We’ve put together a list of Leukemia vernacular to help as we continue through Avery’s journey.

Learn terms