i’m avery and i’m so grateful you’re here!

On Wednesday, December 16, we received devastating news. Our sweet baby was diagnosed with Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Cancer. At 2 months. This is her healing journey.

Life at Home

Avery spent most of the first year of her life in the hospital. After bone marrow transplant, she was discharged and is currently home. She is cancer-free and doing her best to adjust to what life should be for a toddler. These Instagram posts represent those days at home.

Look at this big girl!

Do you know what this cutie did today?

She added 4 new words + 1 phrase to her verbal repertoire🤗

Every word/phrase today comes from her songs!

Ready for this?

👧🏼 head (while also touching her head)
🐮 cow
🐷 oink
👃🏼 nose

Oh, and my favorite one?


(Thanks to @supersimpleofficial’s Skidamarink)

It was the cutest thing and caught me completely off guard.

I may have shed a tear or two after giving her a big hug.

Now I just need to try to catch her saying it on video because it’s the sweetest sound. 🥹

Keep going, Avi! You’re doing so well. 

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🎥Sorry about the video quality! It was late, she was as sick. But the content was too good to not share! 

If you’ve been here a minute, you know that Avery has been mostly non-verbal ever since her bone marrow transplant—two and a half years ago!

Recently, she has begun trying really hard to talk.

A few weeks ago, her vocabulary consisted primarily of ‘mama’, ‘papa’, and ‘baba.’

But, even though she was really sick last week, she still started saying more words.

Most of them stem from her songs. She loves her songs!

And they seem to be helping her quite a bit with the repetition of sounds and words.

So, last week she added, “quack, quack, quack” 🦆 to her repertoire.

It was the first time we’ve ever heard her use an ‘intentional’ phrase repetitively!

It was BIG NEWS for our family! 🙌

Since then, we’ve also heard her say, ‘brown’, ‘down’, and a couple of other words.

But “quack, quack, quack” is her current favorite.

We just love seeing her make progress.💛

And, yes, we’re still working on speech therapy. The new insurance has already shown to be much more helpful in that process.

Hopefully we find the therapists she needs SOON!

Until then, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing since it appears to be working for her. 

Keep going, Avi! 💪

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Love having our sweet, happy girl back! 🥰

That sickness last week was a rough one, but she seems to be back to 100%.

She’s playing, babbling, drinking her formula again, and in such a good mood! 

Off to a good start for the week.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful week as well.😊

#bonemarrowtransplant #childhoodcancer #infantileleukemia #babiesgetcancertoo #leukemiawarrior #leukemiasucks #posttransplantlife #cancersurvivor #cancercrushers #cancerawareness #thrivingnotsurviving #survivorstories #survivorjourney #cancerwarrior #cancerfree #beatcancerlikeaboss #cancersurvivors
It’s been a long week. I was sure today was Friday. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Avery still isn’t back to 100% but she’s doing much better!

Her fever was relentless! It lasted until last night. 🤒 

Two good things that she has started doing include: (1) drinking water out of a (2) straw cup!

Plus, as her appetite was coming back yesterday she wanted more food (toddler pouches) rather than her formula.

So, if there’s a silver lining for her being sick this week, it has helped her try new things. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This hammock swing here? Life saver!

We used it to calm her when necessary, as well as lull her to sleep.

We used it outside during daylight hours and moved it inside every night.

She loves it—and I don’t blame her!🥰

Hopefully tomorrow she feels even better and we can have a good weekend watching her and Ry play together.

💛 Thank y’all for the well wishes this week!💛


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Bone Marrow Transplant


How did you know something was wrong? Mom noticed a swollen lymph node just under Avery’s right ear. Two days later, she noticed another one. She also noted that Avery wasn’t eating as well as normal. That was the beginning of a long journey.

Helpful Terms

It’s okay, we’re learning together!

We all know that navigating cancer comes with a learning curve. We’ve put together a list of Leukemia vernacular to help as we continue through Avery’s journey.

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