i’m avery and i’m so grateful you’re here!

On Wednesday, December 16, we received devastating news. Our sweet baby was diagnosed with Pre B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Cancer. At 2 months. This is her healing journey.

Life at Home

Avery spent most of the first year of her life in the hospital. After bone marrow transplant, she was discharged and is currently home. She is cancer-free and doing her best to adjust to what life should be for a toddler. These Instagram posts represent those days at home.

New favorite spot.🌳 

Avi and family were able to get all moved in on Monday.

Avery and Ry love the balcony. It’s just big enough to step out and get some fresh air.

Plus, it overlooks the park at the front of our subdivision. (That’s one of my favorite parts – how close they are!)

Now the fun part for Mom & I is working on organizing everything. 

The dynamic of the apartment is much different than their last one and toy storage is going to be interesting. 😬

We’ve been all over Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas.

Regardless, these two are enjoying their new home. 💛

Hope your week is going well too!

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🙃This is MY Happy Face Book!🙃

Anyone who knows Avery knows how much she LOVES @supersimpleofficial songs.❤️

They got her through every day of chemo and bone marrow transplant.

And they STILL help soothe her every day. Still make her happy when she has a sad moment.

So, when I saw that they had this board book I HAD to order it for her.

It came today and I was so excited to give it to her.

As I expected, she loves it! 🥰

What I was not ready for was her attitude towards anyone that came near it. 😂

She has been flipping through it most of the day. Using it as a teepee ⛺️ over her little character figurines. 

Carrying it from room to room.

But, when I tried to look at it with her at one point today, she gave me one of her “looks” (seen on the cover photo of this Reel), shut the book, and put her hand on it to keep it closed.

She then gave me a side eye 😒 until I walked completely away from her and the book.

So… it’s HER book and she is not up for sharing it right now.

Okay, Avi. It’s all yours, sweet girl. Enjoy it.💛

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💜M E G A F A N S💜 (AD)

If you’ve been around a while, you may recall that Avery had two @warmies_usa that helped her through chemo and BMT.

First, her pink elephant 🐘, Ellie, was incredibly helpful as she fought through the body aches of chemo.

Then, her Golden Dog Warmies Wrap helped to keep her calm and cozy during her BMT.

Therefore, when Warmies reached out to partner with us, it was the perfect fit!

Now, not only does Avery has a new cozy plush, but Ry has one too!

To help Avery through her newest chapter, we chose a Goose because it matches her nickname: “Avi Goose.” 

And for Ry? A purple hippo! Her favorite color + favorite animal.🦛 

And well, as you can see, they loved the surprise!

Warmies are microwaveable plush toys that are filled with flaxseed and a “hint of Lavender flowers” to create a soft and calming stuffed friend.💙

BIG thank you to Warmies for partnering with us!

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My face when I realize the time 😮 (I blame the time change).

And, as we were talking about Avery’s facial expressions recently, how about this one?! 😂

She truly is quite the character.

Anyways, Avery had her bi-monthly clinic appointment today. She’s looking great!

All of her numbers are where they should be and her GVHD is staying under control.

In fact, she looked so good that her Dr decided it was time for another BIG milestone: vacc💉nes. 

[Please hold any opinions on 💉]

Because she was diagnosed at 7 weeks, she never began with the regular schedule.

Her doctor wants to start her on one at a time spread over a few weeks and then they’ll test to see if her body is holding the antibodies.

It’s a big test for her new immune system‼️

We’re confident it will work as expected. (Thanks, Gavin!)❤️

Also, she’s finally on the waiting list for speech therapy!

Helping her begin to talk (and eat more) will be another big milestone.

Keep going, Avi! 💪

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Bone Marrow Transplant


How did you know something was wrong? Mom noticed a swollen lymph node just under Avery’s right ear. Two days later, she noticed another one. She also noted that Avery wasn’t eating as well as normal. That was the beginning of a long journey.

Helpful Terms

It’s okay, we’re learning together!

We all know that navigating cancer comes with a learning curve. We’ve put together a list of Leukemia vernacular to help as we continue through Avery’s journey.

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