Avery is Back in REMISSION!

❝You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.❞

– Shanee Wilson

This week has been an anxiety-ridden nightmare. At least for us adults. Gratefully, Avery doesn’t understand the waiting.

She’s been having so much fun playing with her Big Sis, eating all the things, and simply enjoying life at home.

For us, the worry began even before had her bone marrow biopsy this week. We’ve been anxious for these results since her CAR-T infusion.

So much of Avery’s next steps are riding on these results.

We finally got a call this morning from the CAR-T team:


We could not be more thrilled! Remission was the best possible scenario.

After watching her go through CRS and neurotoxicity from the infusion, it’s good to see it was worth it.

CAR-T worked!

We did receive a preliminary call earlier this week that may have caused a bit more apprehension.

We were told her results showed a higher level of B-cells than the average post-CART patient.

Fortunately, they were good B-cells, so there’s that!

But, we were told this could mean the T-cells went in and did their work as intended, but may have exhausted themselves while doing so.

So, knowing that, along with a few other factors they’ve have been notating along the way, the doctors want to send Avery straight to Bone Marrow Transplant while she is in remission.

There’s no guarantee her cancer won’t come back. That it won’t switch to AML. That it won’t come back more aggressively.

Bone Marrow Transplant is our best chance at leading to Avery being CURED!

We’re looking at a 4-6 week window before BMT as the search for a donor begins, collection is done, and everything is ready to go.

We should find out more at next week’s clinic appointment.

That being said, here’s your daily reminder (especially those 18-44) to join the National Bone Marrow Registry at Be The Match.

A FREE kit will be sent to you. Just mail it back ASAP.

You can easily click this link https://join.bethematch.org/everAvery or simply text everavery to 61474

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