All the Vacation Vibes This Week

We had a great staycation this week! It was only 3 nights and about 45 minutes from home, but it was a terrific time away.

We laughed, ate, played games, ate, swam, and ate some more.

Vacation Vibes This Week

Even though Avery couldn’t get in the pool, she still enjoyed playing poolside in her personal inflatable baby shark pool.

Family Vacation Vibes

The open wound on her toe (and the reason she couldn’t get in the water) is healing nicely, so she’ll finish her antibiotics soon and, hopefully, we won’t have to worry much more about it.

In fact, at her clinic appointment yesterday, everything looked great. The only bad news is that her ANC is back down to 150.

Happily Ever Avery Sister Vacation Vibes

I cannot explain to you how much anxiety neutropenia causes… especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Since Avery has to go to the hospital twice a week, it’s impossible to not worry about her catching ANYTHING.

Finally, she has her first post-CART bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday. We’re both hopeful and anxious. The expectation is REMISSION and we’re going to cling to that for now.

Happily Ever Avery Vacation Vibes napping

For now, we’re going to take the weekend to rest and love on our sweet girl.

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